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Har-ki-Doon Itinerary

Grade: Easy to Moderate
Max. Altitude: 3556 mt./ 11667 ft.
Best Time: April to June and September to November.

Our Itinerary in detail:-
To reach Dehradoon from your hometown, you have to avail train or flight. If direct train or flight is not available, Dehradoon can be accessed via Delhi from every corner of the country and abroad. Delhi to Dehradoon takes, in an average 7-8 hours by train. Buses are also available.

Day 1: Dehradoon - Purola

Acclimatisation day in Purola. It is nearly 5 hour's journey from Dehradoon to Purola (140km). Purola is a small town having nothing special to do and see. This evening can be utilised for buying next few day's food and other provisions from Purola market. Taxi fare Rs. 3300/-.

Day 2: Purola - Sankri - Taluka

Destination of this day is the base camp of the trek - Taluka via Mori, Netwar and the nearest bus head, Sankri. Sankri is 61kms from Purola and Taluka is 12kms from Sankri. The journey was of 6hours including 1 hour in Sankri for lunch.

After Sankri only jeep is available and the road condition is extremely poor. Taluka has a few hotels, a Forest Department's Forest Rest House and a GMVN tourist lodge. GMVN tourist lodge is not well maintained and FRH requires written permission from Dehradoon's forest office.

Starting early in the morning from Dehradoon, Sankri can be reached directly skipping the night stay at Purola. Bus for Sankri leaves Dehradoon in 5:30AM and 6:30AM respectively. There are also some other alternatives like Mori, Naogao, Netwar etc. for night staying.

Day 3: Taluka - Osla

This is the first day of the trek. Trekkers target to reach Seema or Osla village for night halt, crossing the village Ghangad. Seema has a GMVN bunglow. But it is suggested to bring your own accommodation. Then anywhere you can halt. We chose the second option and stayed a few kms. before Osla.

Day 4: Osla - Har ki Doon

This day's destination is Har-ki-Doon valley. It is possible to reach the valley in 6/7hrs. In Har-ki-Doon there is also a GMVN bunglow and a forest rest house, but tent is better option. There are two small valleys, first one 1.5-2kms before of Har-ki-Doon and the second one is just beside Har-ki-Doon, are used by trekking groups as camping ground.

Day 5: Har ki Doon - Osla/Seema

Enjoy the Paradise from early morning. Nothing else to do except creating some memories to cherish forever. If time permits, have an excursion to Monindataal (3km) or Jamdhar Glacier (4km). Start the descending trek around 10o' clock and try to reach Seema/Osla.

Day 6: Osla/Seema - Taluka - Sankri/Purola

Descend down to Taluka along with Supin. Having lunch there, book a jeep to Sankri. If you have time, catch a bus/car to Purola. Sometimes jeep from Taluka runs upto Mori and then from Mori Purola is accessible by shuttles. Sankri, Mori and Purola, all towns have good enough accommodations for staying.

Day 7: Sankri/Purola - Dehradoon - Haridwar/Rishikesh

Buses and private cars are available for Dehradoon. Starting early in the morning it is possible to reach Haridwar or Rishikesh in the same day.

Please have a look at our Har-ki-Doon travelogue for additional informations and visit this link for photologue in flickr. Hopefully it will be helpful for you.

Thank You.. :)

=> Here is our travelogue.

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